Against the commonly-held notion that to change (or destroy) the world as we know it, another detailed vision is necessary, CHUSMA CHUSMA is born. Often radicals with respectability politics label those and that which they are against as “riff raff” or merely “lumpen”, but this project wears the moniker with pride: CHUSMA . Uninterested in parties or committees, invisible or otherwise: a desire for an anti-political anarchy & communism propels the project. But deeper than any prefigurative vision is a desire to see what exists wiped away. Commuting to work there are the tired faces, the frustrated faces, the despondent faces. There is yet more life out there left to live. Facing an existential crisis precipitated by an escalating climate catastrophe, why should we mince words? Why should we not distance ourselves from those who clearly want a self-managed misery? Or a somewhat fairer misery? A greener misery?

We want more and need more. So much more. But our notions of what is more will also necessarily need to be troubled and interrogated or else we will continue dreaming the dreams of the racial regime of Capital.



a developing anti-political & anti-colonial anarchist / communist propaganda & theory project from occupied Tongva territory, so-called Los Angeles.

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